Roadies Real Heroes LIVE updates: Arun Sharma is the winner


As another exciting and a memorable journey comes to an end, the 16th season of India’s longest running adventure reality show, Roadies Real Heroes has its winner in the Kashmiri boy, Arun Sharma. A part of gang leader Raftaar’s team, Arun took the trophy home, defeating Gang Prince in the grand finale on Sunday. This season, premiered on 10 th February 2019, took the viewers to the

magnificent hills of South India, from the Kannan Devan Hills of Munnar to the western ghats of Chikmagalur, to the highest peak of Karnataka- Mullayanagiri and unfolded yet another beautiful journey.

Arun impressed everyone with his skills in the Culling Round but failed to get a direct entry in the show. However, post his wild card entry on the show,

Arun hasn’t looked back. Not only did he win many hearts in the show, he maintained consistency in his performances throughout the season. Arun emerged victorious in the finale task- RoadiesReal Hero task which was the ultimate test of strength and courage. The ex-contestants cheered for the finalist and kept

the excitement exceedingly high. On winning the show Arun said, “Coming from a remote village called Nahoti near the LOC, with financial issues and lack of language skills, it was difficult for a boy like me to make it. But as they say, the one who has seen the difficult times, values victory more. Being rejected from the culling, was never a setback because of 2 reasons: A. The respect I earned after the culling itself was inexpressible and B. Because I crawled my way back into the game with even more vigor. Tasks was one thing I was forever confident about, because I believed in my strength and that helped me win titles like those of the Task Monkey, the

Beast or Bolt Lightning. Moreover, the biggest hand in my success has been of my gang leader, Raftaar

sir. The epitome of humbleness, integrity and love, I was mesmerized being guided under him and can never forget those eyes that looked at me as his final hope. The journey was well lived, with my friends and foes, but I conquered them all and I can't thank them enough. I believe that with a stubborn mind and a constantly improving skill set, you can conquer anything.”

Roadies Real Heroes upped its game with its innovative theme and thrilling twists and turns. Marking Sandeep Singh’s TV debut, it looked more fascinating. Prince Narula, Nikhil Chinapa, Raftaar, Neha Dhupia and the Ringmaster Rannvijay Singha stirred up the game like never before.

Roadies Real Heroes LIVE updates: Arun Sharma is the winner Roadies Real Heroes LIVE updates: Arun Sharma is the winner Reviewed by Abhishek Roy on August 18, 2019 Rating: 5

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