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➤ Give him a nickname based on his physical characteristics

➤ Give him a nickname based on his personality

Modify his name to come up with cute nicknames for him.

➤ Give him a nickname based on his job.

➤ Give him a nickname based on his mannerisms and quirks

➤ Give him a nickname based on his hobbies and favorite things.

➤ Give him a nickname based on his similarity to a famous person.

Steal cute nicknames from TV shows, Video Games, Books, or Songs.

Use matching couple nicknames.

Read our complete guide on how to come up with nicknames for loved ones.


The following tips will help you avoid giving your boyfriend a nickname that will annoy him:

➤ Do not use a nickname that is difficult to pronounce, pick something short and simple.

➤ Don’t use a nickname you have used for someone else e.g. ex-boyfriend, close male friend, best friend, dad etc.

➤ Don’t use a nickname that sounds too girly, leave those names for his granny.

➤ Don’t pick an insensitive nickname; know thy boyfriend.

➤ Don’t mock him with a nickname, it gets annoying quickly.


Check out By Alphabets:-

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The following are cute names you can call your boyfriend with their meanings. Also, if you need cute contact names for your boyfriend, use any of these sweet nicknames.

Cute Nicknames for Boyfriend That Start With M

Macho – A cool nickname for a masculine guy.

Macho man – For a guy who is a legend.

Mad Jack – A nickname for a guy that gets angry easily.

Magic – For a boyfriend who’s captivating and charming.

Magic Guy – For a guy who is full of fun surprises.

Magic Prince – A boyfriend who is captivating, smart and sophisticated.

Magician – For a guy who can turn around your sad moments.

Main Man – A great name for the most important guy in your life.

Main Squeeze – A nickname for a guy that knows how to get the best out of you.

Major – The number one guy in your life.

Man of My Dreams – An amazing name for a guy you can give anything to spend your life with him.

Marshmallow – A nickname for a guy with a gentle and relaxed personality.

Marshmallow Man – For a gentle and easy-going guy.

McDreamy – A boyfriend who’s extremely charming; the kind of guy every girl goes to bed dreaming about.

Meatball – A short guy who behaves silly.

Mega X – A great boyfriend.

Mellow –For an easy going guy.

Melody – A boyfriend who has a great voice and plays your heart melody.

Meow – A fun nickname for a guy who craves attention.

Merlin – A boyfriend who’s great and awesome.

Micro – For a smallish guy.

Mimi – A nickname for a playful, fun-loving boyfriend.

Mine – A guy, whose heart, body and soul belongs to you.

Mini – For a smallish boyfriend.

Mini Me – A cute nickname for a guy who knows everything about you.

Minion – A gentle and easygoing boyfriend.

Minnie – An amazing boyfriend worthy of your protection.

Minnie Mouse – A special guy who’s adorable.

Minor – For a guy who is underage.

Mister Bossy Pants – A boyfriend who always wants to be in control.

Mister Cutie – For a boyfriend who looks great.

Misty Eyes –A boyfriend with those irresistible puppy eyes.

Monk – A cute nickname for a calm boyfriend.

Monkey – A sexual slang for a sexy boyfriend.

Monkey Buns – A nickname for a boyfriend who’s playful and fun to be with.

Monkey Muffins – A fun nickname for a cute and insanely charming guy.

Monsieur – A French speaking guy.

Monster – A boyfriend that is strong.

Moo – A boyfriend who stirs up your emotions easily.

Mooi – Meaning attractive/beautiful in Indonesia.

Mookie – A guy that gets you mushy.

Mookie-Pookie Bear – A boyfriend who loves romance a lot.

Mooky – A boyfriend lovable and introverted.

Mooky Porky – An intelligent, funny and creative guy. He’s something else.

Moon Beam – For a guy that brightens every soul he encounters.

Moonlight – A guy capable of brightening your day.

Moonshine – An endearing name for a boyfriend with a gloriously bright personality.

Morning Glory –A great nickname for a guy who wakes you up to beautiful things.

Mouse – A nickname for a shy guy who gets scared easily.

Movie Star – A hot, sexy and popular guy.

Cool – A good nickname for a calm and collected guy.

Exotic – An unusual and exciting guy.

Perfect – A guy that is flawless to you.

Muffin – An enchanting guy, he’s charming and the sweetest person you know.

Muffin Cakes – A nickname for a guy you love.

Muffin head – A crazy boyfriend.

Muggles – A pure and innocent boyfriend.

Munchies – For a boyfriend that is a hardcore foodie.

Munchkin – A nickname for a funny and small guy.

Muscle Man – A nickname for a guy who’s physically strong.

Muscular –A boyfriend who’s vigorously robust.

Mustang – A guy who’s a fighter.

My All – A boyfriend who means the world to you.

My Angel – A boyfriend you consider as God-sent.

My Beautiful Beloved – A boyfriend you cherish and adore.

My Beautiful Nerd – A brilliant and charming boyfriend.

My Beloved – For a boyfriend you love so much.

My Boo – A pet name for your boyfriend.

My Buttercup – A nickname for a boyfriend who thinks he’s the biggest gangster in the worldbut in reality he’s a cute little softie who likes teddy bears and rainbows.

My Caesar – For a guy who’s your king.

My Darling – A boyfriend who’s very dear to you.

My Dear – A guy that you cherish.

My Drug – A guy that makes you whole.

My Everything – A boyfriend who is irreplaceable.

My Guy – For a boyfriend who’s a lover and a pal.

My Heart – A sweet name for a boyfriend who is indispensable.

My Heaven – A boyfriend that brings peace and happiness to your life.

My King – A great nickname for a boyfriend you respect a lot.

My Knight –A pet name for a guy devoted to you.

My Life – For a guy that embodies your whole existence.

My Lil Angel – A lovely and adorable boyfriend.

My Lil Chicken Nugget – A boyfriend sweet and lovely.

My Lion – A boyfriend supreme and fierce.

My Love – A boyfriend you cherish and love dearly.

My Man – A guy who’s yours and yours alone.

My One and Only – A boyfriend who has no rival in your life.

My One True Love – A boyfriend you regard worthy of your love.

My Only Love – A boyfriend you love and hold dearly.

My Other Half – A boyfriend who completes you.

My Passion – A boyfriend who’s your number one drive.

My Pop Star – A boyfriend who’s a famous and successful singer.

My Prince – For the love of your life.

My Pumpkin Pie – An attractive, tender-hearted boyfriend.

My Ride Or Die – A guy who stays with you through thick and thin.

My Right Hand –A boyfriend who is a trusted helper and friend.

My Smile Maker – A boyfriend who puts smiles on your face as no one can.

My Special Star – A guy who has a special place in your heart.

My Sunshine – A boyfriend filled with warmth and love.

My Superman – A boyfriend who has great strength than other men.

My Sweet – An attractive and warm-hearted boyfriend.

My Sweet Boy – A guy who’s everything amazing.

My Sweet Prince – A pet name for an adorable guy that rules your world.

My Temptress – An enticing boyfriend who’s hard to resist.

My Tigress – A boyfriend who’s strong and a go-getter.

My World – A boyfriend who means everything to you.

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